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This is a wiki containing all information about the Slender Man and the Fear Mythos inspired Youtube series, TheRiddleOfTheTreeman.

TheRiddleOfTheTreeman follows our Hero, Hero through his quest to find out what the strange mark on his arm means. The channel's "About," section explains: |X|

My name is H|E|ro, and I am 18 years of age. |Z| Over the past few weeks, since my mother's death Christmas morning, I have |B|ecome more and more interested in my birthmark (the one with high contrast in my chann|E|l picture). Now, I say it's my bir|T|hmark because I've had it as long as I can remember, but it does not seem like a natural occurrence. The reason my interest has sparked is that my mother was the last of my living relatives, and the only one I would ever ask about my mark. While s|H|e would always answer, her answer would be accompanied with a blank stare into nothingness and a frozen body. It's the answer that has now become the goal of my life, and this channel, a riddle I hope to solve, soon.

" You will know its mark when the Tree Man comes".


The viewer learns why there are letters in boxes as the story unfolds. Our Hero is being stalked by a tree-like being, who we do not know much about early on in the series.  Later, through PM's, and the discovery of a related channel, a government group known as the M.E.E.C. reveals themselves to be watching Hero, and are after the "Treeman" that is attacking Hero. It becomes a race to see if the M.E.E.C. will rescue Hero before the Treeman becomes something more menacing than just a tree.

The series is quite in-depth, and much of the story is revealed through countless Youtube PM's. You can also find the Unfiction and Slendernation threads, respectively.

Unfiction Discussion Thread

Slendernation Discussion Thread

Feel free to add and edit pages all you like, as I'm sure anyone who even bothers to use the wiki will already know some about the story. Theories and posts about certain videos are fine. I really don't care what you post, as long as it isn't incredibly wrong in some way, or does not pertain to the story.

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The first obvious appearance of the Treeman, shown in the video "//:Fox"

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